Every brand and business needs a library of video content for audience engagement, and our filmmakers can ensure yours is taken to a place of excellence. 

Squint Pictures is an independent creative production company, delivering premium content to agencies, brands, and businesses of all sizes. Our directors reach audiences across ever evolving platforms with stories that brands and fans can’t wait to show off. 

At Squint, we take each job personally. Our years of experience have taught us that a commitment to clear communication leads to a great final product. Try for yourself and see why our clients say working with us was “the most enjoyable production” they’ve ever experienced. 



• Exceed expectations. It feels really good when you do. 

• Inspiring curiosity is the first job of every storyteller. Thank you Brian Glazer. 

• Approach each project uniquely. Every script is someone’s baby. 

• Respect everyone in the process. Every role is critical. 

• Be Resourceful. Find Solutions. No one’s got time or money to waste.  

• Be good while being good at what you do. No one’s got time for jerks. 

• Have Fun. We all got into creative work so we’d have fun jobs.